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​​​​​​​​Emergency Management Agency

Terry Hedges, Director​

Stephanie McKinney, Deputy Director



     The Emergency Management Agency of Gibson County operates under the supervision of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The agency is responsible for the orginization and administration of perparedness programs designed to protect the population, as well as public and private property within the local jurisdiction. The agency is responsible for the coordination of all governmental and non-governmental forces including FEMA, IDHS (SEMA), law enforcement, fire departments and emergency response personnel plus all elected officials and municipal officials in the event of disasters or emergency needs. The Indiana Emergency Management and Disaster Law is referenced by Indiana Code 10, Title 14, Chapter 3.​

     Gibson County represents one of twelve counties assigned to District 10 of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Task Force. The District 10 Task Force is capable of deploying for intra/interstate travel with specialized personnel and equipment in the event of disasters or an emergency action. 

Contact Us:

225 N Hart St.
Annex North
Princeton, IN 47670