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The Auditor's Duties

The Auditor office is located in the Court House at 101 North Main Street, Princeton, Indiana. Mike Watkins is the Auditor.  A partial list of the duties of the Auditor is given below.

The Auditor serves as secretary of the Board of County Commissioners and County Council. The Auditor has the responsibility for keeping of accounts and the issuance of warants for the payment of claims as allowed by the County Commissioners. 

The Auditor is the general bookkeeper of the County. His office prepares the annual tax duplicate showing value of property and taxes assessed against each taxpayer. After taxes are collected by the County Treasurer, the Auditor distributes the funds to the govenmental agencies for which they are collected. 

The Auditor calls for the redemption of outstanding county indebtedness when the Treasurer has the funds for such redemption. The Auditor has the authority to appoint deputies within the office.

The County Auditor is required to compile annually on July 1 lists of real estate on which tax is delinquent preliminary to its posting and offering as public sale.​


Indiana Transparency Website

The Indiana Transparency Portal (ITP) is designed to give you, the Indiana taxpayer, an inside look into Indiana State Government spending and operations. Visit for more information.

Online Budget Notices –

Notice is hereby given to taxpayers of Gibson County that for property taxes due and payable in 2016 and thereafter, local government budget notices, including budget and tax levy information will be available on the website listed above or by calling the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance at (888) 739-9826.​

  • For questions about your DEDUCTIONS, the Auditors Office takes care of those.
  • For questions about your ASSESSMENT, the Assessors Office takes care of those.
  • For questions about PAYMENTS or to pay your taxes, the Treasurers Office takes care of those.


The Auditors Office, Assessors Office and the Recorders Office will not be able to process deeds after 3:00 p.m.  We will be happy to help you with any other needs you may have until 4:00 p.m.

Contact Information

Michael A. Watkins
Gibson County Auditor
Email Me