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Gibson County Health Department

Policy & Procedure COVID-19 Issuance of

Cease and Desist Order to Food Establishments

(Compliance verification process)

  1. Upon inspection, follow up investigation, or valid complaint; if employees are seen not wearing a face covering within an operation, document the violation.
  2. Review and educate Executive Order and COVID-19 safety requirements with management on site. (added information can be shared with upper management).
  3. Notify Administrator of violation (via call, text, email) concerning Executive Order issue observed; lack of face covering/improper wearing face covering, tables not social distanced, exceeding seating capacity, or in dining during Executive stay.
  4. Inspector will issue a Letter of Warning that day or next directly to ownership and/or management. Inspector will contact owner/management concerning COVID-19 Executive Order safety requirements.
  5. Inspector will email staff of issuance for Letter of Warning. An Excel log file can be reviewed within the network Food Inspections (Cease AND Desist Order) folder which will be updated by the Inspector.
  6. Once Letter of Warning has been issued to operation, staff will follow up within 24-72 hours to evaluate compliance. Document findings and communicate to Administrator.
  7. If operation is within compliance no further action required.
  8. If operation is NOT within compliance during follow up inspection the Administrator will be notified.
  9. The Inspector will contact management and owner of continued non-compliance providing added education and issue an Emergency Civil Penalty Citation and Letter, imposing $250 per/day.
  10. Inspector will make follow up inspection within 24-48 hours and will hand deliver Citation and Emergency Civil Penalty to manager at operation and email to upper management/owner.
  11. Inspector will conduct visual inspection to ensure compliance during serving of Emergency Civil Penalty and further consult with management as to importance of full compliance.
  12. Document full compliance, if still non-compliance Inspector will issue an Emergency Order to Close. Schedule meeting with franchise upper leadership for required added training for staff to be conducted. Inspector will evaluate and verify added training, full compliance, and issue letter for reopening.  

CISA Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Click Here

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