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Weights and Measures



When you make a purchase at the food store, fill your tank with gasoline at the service station, or buy any merchandise by weight or by measurement, you think the transaction is only between you and the vendor. It may be a surprise to know that every such transaction is participated in by a third man even though he is not present in person.

The "third man" is the Weights and Measures Official who checks all weighing and volume measuring devices used in sales made to the public. This "third man" is always present in spirit, protecting both buyer and seller. He is a dedicated man working quietly and tirelessly to save customers money and to safeguard vendors' businesses. Errors in either direction, over or under will cause someone to suffer. What he stands for is just "good business".

  • Weights and Measures Official - Gary Dawson
  • Office location - 
  • Office# 812-385-2426
  • Cell   # 812-677-2540
  • email